Since 2003, more than a dozen Dismas Fellowships have begun across Ontario sponsored by a number of Christian ministries: Mennonite Central Committee CoSA, New Life Prison Ministry, Prison Fellowship Canada, Friends of Dismas – plus a number of churches and individuals. We welcome participation from people from all faith traditions. In 2017 the various Fellowships asked Friends of Dismas Inc. to serve as the hub for the Network of Dismas Fellowships and to establish a Network website: While respecting the freedom of each Fellowship, we are prepared to provide support in the development of individual fellowships. Note the list of expectations of those who wish to join the Dismas Fellowship Network and be listed on the website.

  1. To ascribe to our Shared Values, in particular welcoming all ex-prisoners regardless of criminal convictions, knowing that we are all offenders.
  2. To be rooted in the faith community on an interdenominational or inter-church basis. Dismas Fellowship does not wish to be a project of one church or one organization alone.
  3. To take the Dismas Fellowship training and be willing, if necessary, to receive the volunteer training required by the appropriate correctional authority.
  4. To attend and observe another Dismas Fellowship as part of the orientation of the new Fellowship.
  5. To connect to the Dismas Fellowship Network and attend the semi-annual gatherings.
  6. To ensure appropriate liability insurance coverage for the Fellowship’s activities

To find out more about how you can join please click here and answer a few question and submit the form and we will be in touch to set-up a meeting.