Building a Strong Volunteer Team

For many people walking with and extending the hand of friendship to an individual returning from prison will be a new experience.
The primary objective of Session 1 of the Dismas Fellowship Volunteer Training is to provide an overview of the what individuals face when they are part of the criminal justice system (in Canada) and the challenges they must deal with upon release.

Session 2 covers in more detail the role of the volunteer in the Dismas Fellowship with the goal of helping helping people feel comfortable in this ministry of friendship. Take a moment to watch the video to the right which is an introduction to the volunteer training that is available to all members of the Dismas Fellowship Network.

Session 1: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System in Canada

By the end of Session 1 you will have an understanding of:

  • the correctional system and prison culture;
  • the vision and basic guidelines of the Dismas Fellowship

Session 2: Introduction to Dismas Fellowship & Ministry of Friendship

By the end of Session 2 you will have an understanding of:

  • the model of service and the Shared Values of Dismas Fellowship
  • how to have safe and open friendships within Dismas Fellowship

More Training Resources

Just click on any of the links to find other training resources.  More will be added in the near future.

Please refer to the Re-entry Check List as you begin to navigate returning to in-person meetings after the Covid-19 Restrictions are reduced or lifted.

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