A Pump in the Desert

Pump in the Desert  Source Unknown

A young man lost in the desert made his way to an old weather-beaten, abandoned, home in the distance. Searching for water, he came upon a pump outside the house and began pumping furiously for water. After several attempts and seeing nothing flowing, his eye saw a small jug topped with a cork and a hastily scribbled note underneath. “You have to prime the pump with water first. When you’re finished, refill the jug for someone else.” The man sat and pondered his options. If he drank the water, his thirst would be gone, but if he followed the note’s instructions, all the water could be lost on a pump that might not work. Sweating profusely, he listened to his frightened pounding heart and chose to…

Spiritual Reflection:  The story doesn’t end by telling us what the man did.  What do you think his response should have been and why?  OR How do you think this story relates to our lives?