Facing Our Fears

Do you recognize these types of phobias?

Acrophobiafear of heights
Aerophobia fear of flying.
fear of spiders.
Claustrophobiafear of confined or crowded spaces.
Hemophobiafear of blood.
Hydrophobia —  fear of water.

We have fun talking about phobias and there are a lot of strange ones,  but actually phobias are no laughing matter.  They can ruin peoples’ lives!

Perhaps THIS PHOBIA is one of the worst…


A lot of people have this “phobia…”
In fact, it can be one of the biggest barriers to living a life of freedom, peace, and success.
It stops people from doing work they’re passionate about…
…being vulnerable with the people they love…
…taking control of their health…
…making positive changes in their lives…
…having confidence.

But the saddest thing of all, it makes people lock up their dreams and live smaller than they could.

I bet you’ve heard of atychiphobia by its more common name…
“The fear of failure.”

REFLECTION QUESTION:  Can you recall a time in your life when fear of failure slowed down your personal progress? OR What do you do to conquer your fears?