How Are You?

Do you know the number one question that people all around the world ask one another?


It’s such a simple question, but if you’re honest, you will admit that you probably don’t answer that question accurately.

The most common answers to “HOW ARE YOU?” are…
1.  “Fine” (Doesn’t really say much on an emotional level)
2.  “Not bad”  (which could be interpreted not good)
3.  “All right.” (But is it really?)
4.  “I’m ok.”  (Lends itself to interpretation
5.  “Good”  (A relative term)
6.  “Great” (which doesn’t necessarily mean that things really are great)

Motivational writier Chris Cade remarks on his blog:
Answering “How are you?” candidly is out of the norm. Unexpected. Vulnerable. All the things that people usually try to avoid (consciously or subconsciously).
The thing is, when we answer unconsciously with socially expected and accepted responses, we become robbers.
We rob the other person of the opportunity to engage with the world in a more alive way. We rob ourselves of that same opportunity. We also rob ourselves of living presently, consciously, and authentically.

REFLECTION QUESTION (you don’t have to explain, unless you want to, but just be honest):   “How are you?”