It’s Only Temporary.


I don’t know if I would call myself “claustrophobic” but I am not a fan of small spaces.  If I am in a small space for very long, especially if I can’t move around… I start to get really high anxiety!

The other day I was riding in the elevator to our 5th floor apartment.  It suddenly dawned on me that I was in a very small box.  I asked myself the question, “When I ride the elevator, even if there are a bunch of people in it, I usually don’t get very anxious.  Why is that?”  The answer came back to me… “It’s only temporary.”

I can ride in a small little box, up and down in my apartment building because I know that I am only in it for a few minutes.  I have a destination, which is what I am thinking about, so it doesn’t matter that I am in a small space.

Knowing it’s only temporary and knowing that I am on the way somewhere (either our place or the basement to leave)… makes the anxiety nearly nonexistent.

REFLECTION QUESTION:  What helps you to get through times of fear or anxiety?

OR  Is there a fear/anxiety that you are learning to overcome?