My Favorite Christmas Animation

By Paul Tuck (Community Cooordinator)
I never get tired of watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Every yuletide season, it remains by far the one animated Christmas film that I love to watch. Why? Let me share 3 brief reasons why I think it’s such a great film.
First of all, I love the fact that it tackles the problem of Christmas commercialism. In his search for a meaningful Christmas, Charlie is turned off by how his friends only seem to think about presents and parties, and the superficial side of the holiday season. I share Charlie’s angst that we tend to get too caught up in materialism when it comes to Christmas.
Secondly, the program contains the true story of Christmas. The part where Linus narrates the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus (quoting Luke 2:8-14) simply nails it! This is the true message of Christmas!
And thirdly, I love this animated film because it is all about HOPE. The message of hope is demonstrated in Charlie’s own life as he always seems to eventually rebound from his blunders. But the message rings even clearer in the incident of that hopeless little tree that appears to be far beyond redemption. Yet, miraculously that little “stick” is brought to life and becomes useful for a starring role in the Christmas Pageant.
Linus, again the spiritual spokesperson, says  “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”
To me, the message of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the message of DISMAS!
Most of us are like that shriveled up tree that society wants to discard. But Charlie says…”NO! There is goodness there. There is hope!” His insistence that the tree still has value despite it’s rough appearance, makes Charlie a spokesman for restorative justice!
These are just 3 simple reasons why I think “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the greatest Christmas animation of all time!
REFLECTION QUESTION: What is your favorite Christmas Movie? Why?