(Exerpt from About Waiting vision4life.org)

Think about waiting. Read for yourself or share with others the ‘Let me tell you stories’. What experiences of waiting do you have to reflect on, or listen to others share their stories if you are in a group. There is something in this time about waiting: about being prepared, for something new, waiting for cards and presents, getting the house ready with decorations, trimming the tree, preparing the food, getting everything ready. In nature too it’s a season of waiting. We look at creation in the autumn with all the amazing colours in nature’s palette at that time and then see the leaves gradually falling from the trees. But things are not dying but getting ready: waiting, beneath every falling leaf was a bud, ready, waiting, for new birth and new growth in the spring. Waiting can be exciting, draining, a challenge, a time of anticipation, a joy, a difficult thing to sustain. How would you describe different times of waiting?
Waiting :
waiting for a bus or a train,
waiting for an appointment,
waiting for an operation,
waiting for an interview,
waiting for birth,
waiting for a special event,
waiting for a special person,
waiting for death.

REFLECTION QUESTION:  Waiting  may feel different at different times in our lives.
How has it changed for you in your lifetime?  Is it easier or harder for you to wait?  Why or why not?